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Störtebeker's Legacy

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Winner of the 2018 FRED Award for Best Overall Design

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Störtebeker's Legacy

The year is 1733, Christian VI of Denmark has brutally subjugated his people and is laying siege to a small pirate nest that does not submit.

A band of privateers, chances upon a map pointing towards Claus Störtebekers legendary treasure, just moments before the King‘s forces do.


The race is on. For Gold! For Freedom!

Would you like to know more? 


Download the Skull&Crossbones Player's Guide to find out all details about the event and all answers to your questions.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

Player's Guide

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A Pirate's Life for Me

They call themselves corsairs and buccaneers, freebooters and privateers, but they are scoundrels and rascals none the less.


These infamous pirates are sailing the seven seas, stealing treasures, shooting their powder, drinking rum and enjoying the freedom of the oceans.

And you can be one of them!


A real Sailing Adventure

Many pirate experiences are well suited for land people and longshore lubbers. This is different.

Skull & Crossbones is a four day sailing event on the Baltic Sea where you get to play a pirate on a traditional sailing ship! You are really sailing on the Baltic Sea. Complete with setting sails, lifting the anchor and if you're lucky you can even helm the ship you are sailing on. 


The best part: you do not need any prior experience!


The Experience

Skull & Crossbones is a five-day Pirate Sailing Adventure larp, where you can become a wretched buccaneer on a real life sailing ship sailing on the Baltic Sea.


In this unique event, featuring two ships and more than 50 like-minded people, you will:

  • Spend 4 days and 3 nights on a real life traditional sailing ship, sailing on the Baltic Sea between Germany and Denmark and have the adventure of a lifetime!

  • Learn how to sail a traditional sailing ship

  • Go into battle with other Pirates against the evil Hanse!

  • Discover hidden treasures on forsaken islands

  • Shoot guns and cannons in sea battles with other sailing ships

  • Tell tall tales of your crazy exploits while sipping rum with your fellow crew members 

This event is for you if you

  1. Always dreamed of being a pirate - singing shanties and drinking “rum” (or some substitute) with your shipmates. 

  2. Want to feel like a Pirate Captain - on your own ship, meeting with other ships in the middle of the sea and prepare for battle!

  3. Would love to experience epic adventures, and want to see legends and myths coming alive in a pirate setting. 

  4. Love sailing - no matter if you’re experienced or if you always dreamed of learning it.

  5. Do not shy away from physical tasks - be it setting sails, lifting an anchor, helping prepare a meal or clean parts of the ship you’re sailing on. 

  6. Enjoy cooperative storytelling - where an exciting and interesting story is more important than winning. 

  7. Love to cocreate - by creating a fantastic world for you and your co-participants. 

  8. Enjoyed Skull&Crossbones before and want to experience new pirate adventures!

Is this event for me?

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